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Friday, May 3, 2013

5 months {coming at you super late}

it's almost time to post her 6 month pictures and here i am barely getting to the 5 month shots. here's the thing, i'm a MOM! i work from home full-time and i have a husband that needs some attention every once in a while. that on top of the fact that i'm a MOM! so i know you all are anxiously standing by for the 5 month shot pics so here you go.

as a recap, i'm trying to remember all the milestones she hit from months 4 to 5 but honestly, all i keep thinking about are all the ones that she's currently hitting so if i talk about that i'll have nothing to talk about at the 6 month post.

who am i kidding, i'll have plenty to talk about at the 6 month so here's her milestones so far at 5.5 months:

she says, "mama!" that's right, my brilliant brainiac of a child can say my name! nevermind the fact that this is a common sound that babies make around this age, let's just focus on the fact that she knows my name and she says it every time she's hungry, tired or just wants some cuddles. we're working on "dada" but i think she prefers to say "papa" because that one has come out a few times.

reaching for me. oh how my heart aches every times she's laying down and throws her arms up in the air so i can sweep her up! dear darling, i will forever be here to hold you and comfort you, that is one thing i know for certain!

she's hit a ton of other milestones but those are the two that drown the rest of them out.

phenomenal design work by olson designs (that's not her company name, she's currently freelance but we're working on getting her design business up and going so for now, i will refer to her as olson designs).

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