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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Best investment for a new parent {or anyone for that matter}

a couple years ago with the launch of instagram (and all the other iphone apps that make you feel like the next ansel adams), i thought i really had a knack for this photography thing so i did what all budding photographers do and bought myself a fancy camera.

the biggest decision of course was, do i go cannon or nikon? ultimately, i settled on a nikon. the truth is, you just have to go with whichever feels best in your hand because you have to treat this little guy like it's an extension of your body.

before baby, i mainly took it out on vacations. i've been meaning to take an actual photography refresher course (took one in college but let's be honest, that was ages ago), especially because i've been taking the good ol' camera out a lot more these days, primarily for Ina's monthly shots. i'd love to really learn how to take advantage of all the settings and get back into manual mode.

i also know i have to use it more often. i should really just keep the camera by the door and grab it every time we go out for a walk. even with the occasional use, i still manage to get some good ones every once in a while.

look at her face in this one. out of the millions of pictures i've taken of her so far this one is my favorite. it does such a good job at showing all the depth and warmth that captivates this tiny soul.

therefore, this camera was the best. investment. ever.

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