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Hello Home.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

it's crazy how heightened the excitement of the holidays becomes once you have a kid. she's too young to hunt for eggs or even dig fake grass out of her easter basket but this day was surprisingly the best easter ever. we slept in a bit since the last couple weeks have been crazy exhausting and then we made our way to the la zoo. apparently, easter is the day to go to the zoo because the place was an absolute madhouse. but we didn't mind because we went straight to our favorite exhibits, picked up a couple warm churros and called it a day.

baby girl's grandma and grandpa got her an outfit from nicaragua on their last trip so i had to make sure she modeled it for them and her great grandma bought her the cutest tulip skirt and sunhat so, of course, that warranted a little photo shoot as well.

after her easter photoshoot, i got started whipping up something yummy in the kitchen (i cook on very rare occasions and this was one of them). i made the most delicious prosciutto, asparagus and cream pasta then we topped it off with some white wine and wrapped up the day with a soothing bath for baby girl while listening to chopin.


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