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Hello Home.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

happy friday!

my goodness it's been a long time since i posted a happy friday post. before baby, which i've been referring to as "bi" (you know, "before ina"), i used to post these fun cheeky little happy friday posts that consisted of my favorite web pic of the week and a hilarious and witty little comment about what i did that week or what i'll be doing this weekend. but that was "bi" and who has time for that these days?

a good friend of mine recently told me that she loved my blog and that it has inspired her to start documenting her new adventure with her handsome little baby boy. so with that, she has inspired me to start blogging about the things that i used to love to blog about. as tiny and short as these friday posts were, they made me happy because they signified the beginning of the weekend and the fun pictures always brought a smile to my face. 

so today is the start of summer and with that comes this adorable pic that basically embodies this joyous season. 

we have a few fun trips planned this summer and they pretty much all consist of a pool/ocean/or some other sort of massive body of water. 

stay tuned....and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

image found here

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