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Hello Home.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7 months!

dear daughter: please please please convince those nasty little teeth of yours to surface so we can be done with this madness. teething is so brutal and sad. we have just about every little frozen teething toy under the planet and yet nothing seems to soothe you. i simply can not wait for this teething stage to be over. if it wasn't for your super mean teeth, i would want to stop time in this very moment. you're not yet mobile so i still feel like i can carry you around in my pocket every where i go, you're super smiley (when you're not teething), and your little personality is really beginning to shine. 

 you love looking at people and you love being part of our little posse. your daddy and i often go out to dinner (it's probably one of my favorite things to do) and i'm so happy that you make it easy for us to take you out. we literally take you with us everywhere, partly because we have a lack of babysitters with your grandparents being a little far away and partly because we've fully accepted the fact that wherever we shall go, you shall come with us! in these past 7 months we've taken you to countless restaurants, a handful of beaches, baby showers, weddings, first birthdays and we've loaded you up along with all of your favorite toys for some much needed weekend getaways. life is just peachy and glorious with you in it (even with your violent teething screams). 

i love love love love love you. 
happy 7 months my punky monkey (that's what daddy calls you but it makes me smile so i'll call you that too.)

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