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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ina is 9 months!

so what if this post is going up on the eve of her 10-month birthday. these days are going by so fast now i can't even keep up with her monthly posts. in all fairness, these images were taken a month ago so technically all is right in the world, i just need to make sure her 10 month pictures go up before next year. 

so let me just say that the number 9 has always been my favorite number. i wore number 9 proudly while playing volleyball and softball in high school, the rare moments that i decide to play the lottery (i swear i'm going to win one day) i always make sure there's a number 9 in the mix, there's a 9 in the sum of the date of my birth (okay, that's taking it a bit too far but i'm sure you get my point). so with all that said, i'm just loving this stage. nothing has necessarily gotten any easier -- we're still waking up frequently in the night and she still demands my attention 24/7 -- but her personality is definitely shining. she is so much more than i could've ever imagined. she's the perfect combination of me and her daddy, she has the very best smile in the entire world, her little fingers and toes are nothing short of perfection (i know this is a fact because i've done nothing but stare at them for hours on end), and i just simply can not imagine living my life without her. it's almost like this package of me, her, her dad and our three little dogs is what was meant to be and we just lived our lives until we made it to this point. 

happy 9 months to my sweet little human and happy 10 months eve. 

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