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Friday, September 28, 2012

happy friday {inside jokes}

so i suppose once you blog about an inside joke, it's not an inside joke any more but this one is worth sharing {i think}.

i just know my little girl is probably going to be super embarrassed many years down the line when she realizes that her mom blogged about this but heck, i'm going to be embarrassing her all of her life so why not start now?

i may be sharing too much info here but my husband and i are both pretty hairy people. my eyebrow wax lady is my best friend and i'm forced to shave my legs more often than the average person but it's something i've learned to live with and accept as a person of hispanic heritage. my poor husband is also of hispanic heritage so he shares in my razor burn blues. therefore, it's going to come as no surprise that our little lady is in for a furry future but just like us, she's going to have to learn to live with it. she'll be the 5th grader with the hairy legs (because just like my parents did, we're not going to let her shave her legs until she's in junior high) and she'll be rocking the unibrow until she decides it's time to introduce the pain of plucking (which will likely not happen until high school). my poor little lady will be teased but we all made it through and i know she'll be confident and humble enough to brush it all off.

and with all that said, my husband and i have been joking even before we knew we were pregnant that we were destined for a hairy baby and every time we see a picture of a gorilla baby, we smile a bit because that's our inside joke and now you're in on it too.

happy friday!

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