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Hello Home.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

yosemite weekend

when i was in college i made the drive from southern california to northern california countless times. every time either going up or down i saw the sign for yosemite and knew i was exactly half way to my destination. the sign to yosemite also came with a tiny sense of wonder. you see, my family wasn't the camping type growing up. we were more the timeshare-in-orlando type so the idea of camping was always more mysterious than nostalgic.

i like to consider myself an "earthy" person so i figured i must learn to camp. naturally, as our last peaceful weekend getaway before baby i convinced the hubby to pack up the guitar and the dogs cause our family was going camping! never mind the fact that our "tent" came with a gourmet kitchen, a flatscreen tv and a hot tub. i was in the wild! i was surrounded by trees! i was one with nature!

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  1. Wow kudos to you for going on a camping trip this far along! You look amazing btw (;



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