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Hello Home.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 week countdown {or maybe less}

a few months ago when the mr. and i were looking at the calendar we marked this weekend as the final weekend to get things done. 

wash her clothes
install the car seats
write up the birth plan
pack the hospital bag
stock up on newborn diapers

i'm feeling pretty good about our checklist. the more and more i stare at her little clothes the more anxious i get to have her here. i know they say these last few weeks are the hardest but these last few weeks are really the hardest. sometimes i get up too fast or i bend over and realize half way through the task that it was not the best idea. 

i have a looming feeling that she's going to come a couple weeks early, which only gives us two weeks before baby girl arrives but some may call this wishful thinking. however, if these braxton hicks are any inclination of things to come.....i'm going to say she's doing a good job at getting her mama ready for the big day. 

i'm pretty good at visualizing things so i'm working on visualizing myself going to vote on Nov. 6 and then going to the hospital with both my "i voted" sticker and game face on. 

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